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Are you in need of a custom logo for your online business or website? Do you have a blog that needs re-branding, so you can boost your subscriber numbers and increase revenue? If you are an owner of any type of online business, you would want to take a glimpse at some of these professional logos that we have designed for different types of businesses, to give you some ideas on what business logos are and why need one.


The cross border blog is a cultural blog dedicated to exploring the differences that exist amongst American, German, and French cultures. The symbol on the logo is cleverly used to give the idea at first glance that it belongs to a blog. The logo shows the nature of business the blog operates. The fonts are special, nice and easy to read. The positioning relies on simplicity to create a stunning effect that is very impressive. This is a great example of a simple yet attractive logo design.


This contemporary logo is pleasant to behold. It was created for an IT Services and Consultancy Company called Modern Wilderness and it is a perfect example of what business logos should look like. This business logo design is minimalist with a blue hue and modern fonts. The color gives it a calm disposition while the font reflects its modernity. The font is unique, eye catchy and attractive. The circle pointed lines gives the logo the overall feel of a tech company and the business tagline creates a sense of inquiry.


Jocelyn’s hair collection is in the business of selling virgin hair bundles and wigs. The choice of color is vibrant, and in combination with the font, makes for a memorable logo design. The font is unique and eye catchy and the words and image play, in the name Jocelyn is a smart mark at creativity.

The logo at first glance is a tell-it-all. You do not need to think of what it means or what the business is about. At first glance you know it’s about hair and beautiful ones at that, judging by the catchy business logo.


When we thought of designing a logo for a kid’s online store, there was the compulsion to want to use cartoon characters. As much as cartoon characters have their place with kids appeal, there is the option of creating something simple and classy that will appeal to both the kids and their parents.

Now that’s what we were able to achieve with KidsOMania. KidaOMania is an online store that sells kids clothes. The mix of colors is beautiful, the fonts are simple and the hidden message of love, tells the story of bond that exist between parents and their children, the unbreakable bond of love. KIdsOMania is a good example of modern professional logo. Looking at the design evokes a feeling of love and the pseudo bubble effect of the O’s, a playful feeling of happiness. This is one of my personal favorite business logos.


Are you new to the world of business? If so, we can help you with the design of a logo for your brand identity and corporate identification. For established businesses, we offer a turnkey brand activation program that starts with the revamp and reactivation of your brand identity through the redesign of an eye catchy logo.

Our services includes logo repairs, logo accentuation and full logo design. We offer a service that would highlight your brand and make you stand out from this crowd.


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